Contact Us and Membership Forms

Membership in STBA is $15/year.  Memberships are for individuals. Each person in a family needs their own membership to participate in club meetings and activities.

Our membership year runs from October 1st thru September 30th. New memberships (not renewals) received June-September are half price.

Our membership form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Print out and mail the form with your check or bring it to a meeting.

Or, you can pay your membership dues online with a credit card through Square by clicking the "Square Store" button  and adding your contact information using the comment fields.   Membership is open to all individuals.                 

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Contact Us at


Bob Talkiewicz 


Vice President:

Bob Finch

Program Chair:

Earl Villecco


Lucinda VanVleck



Matthew Kemack

STBA Membership
c/o Matthew Kemak
2745 Highland Rd
Marathon, NY 13803



Sue Garing

Social Director:
Kate Bouman

Public Relations:
Bob Talkiewicz

Ways and Means
Joe Underwood

Larry Huggins


Sue Garing

Kelly Pakes

Facebook: Wendy Wakula

In addition, we have volunteers as listed below.  You are welcome to volunteer to help at any position or event .

Nuc Order “Commander”

Larry Huggins

Facebook Director

Wendy Wakula/Sue Carmalt

Clothing Chairman

Linda Youngs/Lettie Jagger

Hive Caretaker

Sue Garing/ Anthony Gee

Helpers for Beg. Bee Class

Donna Parkison, Wendy Walula, Matt Kemak, Mark Klossner

Helpers for Intermediate Bee Class

Donna Parkison, Kate Bouman, Sandy Komoroff, Matt Kemek, Wendy Walula, Beth Leonard

Teachers for Beg. Bee Class

Bob Talkiewicz, Sue Carmalt, Lucinda Van Vleck, Michelle Fuller, Bob Finch

Teachers for Intermediate Bee Class

Bob Finch, Bob Talkiewicz, Sue Carmalt, Sue Garing, Lucinda Van Vleck

Monthly Beekeeping Lesson

Bob Finch

Extractor Chairman

Mark Klossner

Sue Garing,
Jan 24, 2018, 12:35 PM