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Local Swarm Catchers:

See "Swarms - Got Bees?" page

Local Bee Product Producers

See "Local Bee Products" page

NY Dept. of Ag. and Mkts. Labeling Guide (also check Federal Guidelines)

Apiary Products Judging at the Harford Fair
- open to Broome County, NY and other counties adjacent to Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

Bee Journals and Bee Supplies:

Locally developed bee tools
Ez-pry hive tool home page variety of gifts and equipment

American Bee Journal

Bee Culture Magazine

Organization and Educational sites:

Bee Wellness Program, excellent disease diagnosis information

Cornell University bee lab website:

Eastern Apiculture Society

Earth Day Southern Tier  (Earth Fest organizers)

Susquehanna Beekeepers' Association

Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club

USDA Web link to Information on the Diagnosis of Honey Bee Diseases

Beltsville Lab "how to" for submitting bee samples

For a comprehensive list of bee clubs visit:
Mead Making Information

A variety of beekeeping links and articles from all around the Web
Excellent article on Swarm Prevention at the U of Florida site:

Excellent article on Honey Crystallization

Making wintering candy boards video (recommended by a member)

Ontario Tech Transfer Team pamphlet on Nosema C and other diseases. - Confused?  So are they.   For Nosema they recommend
Replace 2 to 3 old brood combs (typically darker) from the
brood box to reduce the level of nosema and accumulation
of acaricides in the wax.
swapping out 2-3 old frames every year to remove spores.   Chemical treatment are not effective (maybe!)