Nuc Order

NUC pickup is scheduled for Saturday, 7:30 PM. See directions below.

Questions?  Please contact      607-693-1490, 607-206-0736 cell

for details.

STBA Nuc Order 2018

 *****  CLOSED FOR 2018 *****

Southern Tier Beekeepers Association members may place an order for nuc(s) though the club by submitting the mail-in form information below or using the online payment link below.

Date for pickup will be announced when it is decided by the nuc producer (we don't control this).  Members must pick up their orders at Kutik’s in Oxford, NY on the pickup date.  Kutik's nuc box must be returned for $50 deposit refund.
Directions will be provided before the pickup date.



Order thru our online site ---->   HERE

ORDER DEADLINE: February 17th by snail mail.    IN PERSON and ONLINE order deadline extended to MARCH 6th.


                                2018 NUC ORDER MAIL IN FORM

If ordering by mail, send your check made out to Southern Tier Beekeepers Association
and mail to Larry Huggins 1588 E. Windsor Rd., Ninevah, NY 13813

Give Larry a call or email and let him know your are ordering by mail.

Contact:      607-693-1490, 607-206-0736 cell



Deposit of $50 per nuc must be added to cost, and will be refunded after nuc box is returned.


5-Frame Nuc @ $150 **



$50 refundable deposit per nuc


*Balance due must be paid by Feb. 17th for your order to be processed. (March 6 online)

Paid ___________ ck# _________ or __CASH

THIS IS AN ESTIMATE FOR 2018.   If the price is lower we will refund the difference at the time we refund the nuc box deposit.   If it is higher we will let you know the price and find out what you'd like to do.

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________

Daytime phone: ____________________________________

Evening phone: ____________________________________

Alternate phone: (cell, work, etc.) ______________________

Current email address: _____________________________________________________________


NUC BOX RETURN SITES.    You must put your name on each box so we can record returns accurately.

Bob Finch –   904 N. Ketchumville Rd., Berkshire, NY 13736
Earl Villecco – 593 Tunnel Road, Port Crane NY 13833
Larry Huggins – 1588 East Windsor Rd., Ninevah, NY 13813
Leo Huggins – 13 Canal St., Port Crane, NY
Sue Garing – 294 Ostrum Rd., Kirkwood, NY 13795

Refund is forfeited if nuc box(s) are not returned by June 12th.

2017 NUC PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS  -  this information has not been updated for 2018

****PICK UP NUCS SATURDAY MAY 12, 7:30 PM. ***The location is at Kutik's on Route 12 about 3 miles south of Oxford.  Look for a white building with nuc boxes near it on the right side of Route 12 as you are driving north toward Oxford.  He said if you google it, it will give the exact location.

If you cannot pick up your nuc, he will take them to his yard and you will need to contact him to make arrangements for another pick up time.  Larry's address is 1588 East Windsor Rd., Ninevah, NY 13813 and his phone is 607-693-1490,  If you have not paid for your nucs, you will not be allowed to pick them up so please make sure your account is paid in full or bring the balance owed with you.

Remember, bring a sheet to cover the boxes and bring a bee suit.  Do not put them in a car trunk.  Be careful with pets, dogs especially and children.  Nucs travel well in the back of trucks (bring straps to keep them in place) and in the back of vehicles with the air conditioning turned on.

Good luck with your new bees!
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