Southern Tier Beekeepers, Broome County, NY

GOT BEES IN YOUR WALLS or TREES?   See a SWARM?   See our list of bee catching members here
Southern Tier Beekeepers Association members are working together to learn the tools and techniques needed to keep healthy hives in today's challenging environment.  We meet year around!

Club Meetings are held at 7pm (unless otherwise noted) the Chenango Town Hall,1525 NY RT 12, aka Upper Front Street, in the Town of Chenango (~0.3 miles North of the new Price Chopper.) Generally, club Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month during the fall and winter. Please check back regularly for updated information, plans change!

WINTER WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: If Binghamton Schools are closed we are staying home by the fire and cancelling the meeting.  Watch our Facebook page for a notice as well.


 When      What     Where
June 7 Board Meeting  Thursday, June 7, 6 pm to take care of some pressing matters. We will meet at My Uncle's Place, 120 E. Arterial Hwy known as 120 E. Service Rd, Binghamton, NY 13901. Board members check your email for topics to be discussed.     
 June 3 Field Class for Sunday, June 3rd at 1pm. Please RSVP your host via e-mail so they know how many to expect. This will be the time to increase your comfort level with handling your bees and to gain skills in mite assessment, treatment and colony health; identification of the drones, queen, workers, eggs and larvae, nectar, pollen and honey.

The class will be held in 2 locations in an effort to keep the field groups small and personal to assure a good experience for everyone.  I tried to assign you to the one nearest to your address.  If there are any questions, please call the host listed on your field assignment.

You will need to bring your bee suit and wear water proof boots as the yards can be muddy.  If you have a smoker, we would appreciate it if you’d bring that, too. Disposable gloves and hive tools will be provided. 

The first group will meet at Sue Garing and Bob Grajewski’s home at 294 Ostrum Road, Kirkwood, NY 13795.  Sue’s e-mail is  Please e-mail her to let her know if you are planning to attend.

The second group will meet at Bob and Vinnie Finch’s home at 904 North Ketchumville Rd., Berkshire, NY 13736.  Make sure you enter the north in your GPS or you will not find them. Please e-mail Bob to let him know if you are planning to attend.  His e-mail is

Group 1 at Sue Garing’s


Group 2 at Bob Finch’s


John Kuhn

Zoe Leone

Michael Reed

Susan Kelley

Dalton DeMorrow

John Lahoda

Patricia Welch

Malee Brock

Amanda Finney

Seth Bergman

Trevor Hercg

Nicholas Bonfardice

Waylon Partridge

Mindy James

Sarah Wichowski

Karen Marsh

Waylon Partridge’s Guest

Matt James

Todd Wichowski

Paul McGlaughlin

Robert Sullivan

Carolyn Everitt

Burton Taylor

Wesley Lobdell

Rebecca Sullivan

Diana Gurney

Courtney Lewis

Molly Heit

Lee Sullivan

Keith Gurney

Alex Boyko

Lauren Cronmiller

Kaitlin Magni

Jacub Dardzinski

Brianna Hulbert

Kara Bielik

Arin Bigelow

Eden Nebel


Nathan Dann

Tina Chronopoulos

Anthony Demarai

Hunter Parise

Craig Shed

Dianna Boykin

Todd Hager

Jacob Kerr


Barbara Dougherty

Joy Hurlbert

Judi Comstock


Michael Cole


Nathaniel Hurlbert


Andrew Guditis


Shawn Malarcher


George Meindl


Christopher Landis


Gabreila Iacovano


Philip Baker


Stephen Snitcher


Sandra Short


Tom Carney


Todd Short

 Field Trip - detail TBA
 August 5
 STBA PICNIC   NOON    JoAnn Kieffer's "Deck Dock"  3390 Hance Road, Binghamton NY 13903.    Potluck "sides" and desserts.  STBA will provide the drinks and entrees.
 3390 Hance Road, Binghamton NY
 August 7 Board Meeting at Bob Finch's
 6pm Bob Finch's
 Sept 4
 General Meeting.     Extracting demonstration.
  7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Oct 2
 General Meeting.
  7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Nov. 10 (Saturday)
 Dinner Meeting.   Tea Cup auction.
  6pm Chenango Town Hall
 Dec. 4
 General Meeting.   Bring your products to sell.
  7pm Chenango Town Hall
 2019      7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Jan. 8    
 General Meeting.
 7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Feb. 5
 General Meeting.
 7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Mar. 5
 General Meeting.
 7pm Chenango Town Hall
 Apr. 5
 General Meeting.   Elections
 7pm Chenango Town Hall
 May 7
 General Meeting.
 7pm Chenango Town Hall

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Dues are due in October.  Please join us  and renew for membership for $15.

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