Local Bee Products

Local Member Beekeepers:

Sue Garing
sgaring@verizon.net, SueGaring.com
Local honey, bee products, candles and nucs, and the Ez-Pry Hive Tool.
Buying: wax
Bob Talkiewicz
Beekeeping tools.
Earl Villecco
Local honey, bee products and bees.   
Jack White
Local honey, will remove bees from houses.  
Lucinda VanVleck
Local honey, honeybee paintings and photos, items made with the photos, note cards, calendars, felting, lip    balm and more.
Bob Finch
Berkshire Hills Honey Bee Farm
607-657-2782  bobfinch57@gmail.com
Bees and bee products: raw honey, honey soaps, lip balms, Get Well & gift mugs, candles, wax, local queen cells, queens, and 5 frame nucs.       
Bee removals: trees, buildings and free roaming swarms.
 Paul VanSlyke pvanslyke555@gmail.com.Honey jars available. 1 and 2 lb with lids.

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