Beekeeping Information

The information on this page is provided by our members for the education of the public.  

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Bee Wellness / Dr. Christine Wahl   "DEAD-OUT CLINIC" documents

"Winter Dead-out Key"  and "Dead-out Clinic Presentation"  navigate using "DEAD-OUT CLINIC" Menu

Tom Seeley's bait hive pamphlet:

Bush Farm hot dip method — Another article on hot dipping woodenware.

Hot Wax Dipping video on — Video demo of hot wax dipping of beehive woodenware and some of the dangers inherent in the method.

how to mark queens 

Ontario Tech Transfer Team "how to" sheets

University of Guelph basic beekeeping videos: — Excellent classic beekeeping technique.  These folks know what they are doing.

Small Entity Compliance Guide: Registration of Food Facilities | FDA — See retail food exemption flowchart table to see if your honey business must be registered with the FDA.