Beekeeping Information

The information on this page is provided by our members for the education of the public.

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Bee Wellness / Dr. Christine Wahl "DEAD-OUT CLINIC" documents

"Winter Dead-out Key" and "Dead-out Clinic Presentation" navigate using "DEAD-OUT CLINIC" Menu

Tom Seeley's bait hive pamphlet:

A Field Guide to Honeybees and Their Maladies — PDF version of updated classic

Bush Farm hot dip method — Another article on hot dipping woodenware.

Hot Wax Dipping video on — Video demo of hot wax dipping of beehive woodenware and some of the dangers inherent in the method.

Marking Queens - How To — Video showing a technique for queen marking by Michael Palmer.

Ontario Tech Transfer Team "how to" sheets

University of Guelph basic beekeeping videos: — Excellent classic beekeeping technique. These folks know what they are doing.

Web reference: Small Entity Compliance Guides > What You Need to Know About Registration of Food Facilities > — See page 6 for exemption table to see if your honey business must be registered with the FDA.