Swarms - Got Honey Bees?

Have a swarm or hive of bees that you'd like removed?   We want your HONEY bees!

A PDF copy of this list is available in the Attachments section at the bottom of the page.

1) Do not spray anything on the bees or the beekeeper cannot take them.

2) A good guide that will help you know if you have honey bees is here . Take a close look at what is there to figure it out. If they are NOT honey bees, call an exterminator. PLEASE read everything on this page!

pictures of honeybee swarms

These are photos of honey bees swarms (click on the photos above).   

Honey bees do not nest in the ground or in paper-like grey ball nests hanging from houses or branches.

Do not spray anything on the bees or the beekeeper cannot take them.

These are NOT honey bee hives (pictures below).   They are wasp and hornet nests.   Wasp and hornets are valuable insect killers.  They eat the bugs that eat your plants.  If you can, please leave the nest alone.  The people on this swarm list do not collect wasps and hornets.    Notice the "paper" construction in the photos.   Honey bees do not make nests using this grey paper substance.   Honey bee nest are almost always inside an existing cavity well above the ground.

not a honey bee hive
wasp nest

Benefits of Wasps

Wasps are actually beneficial insects for humans and the environment.

They are one of the major natural scavengers, and they eat insects such as flies and caterpillars that are often considered pests to humans. They

should be left alone if they are in a location where they are not bothering people.  Some wasps pollinate plants and crops, but most do not.

If the wasps have been killed by chemicals, the nest should be put it in a plastic bag in the garbage. The dead wasps need to be swept

up as well if chemicals have been used. Some dogs and cats like to eat wasps and bees (dead or alive.) 

Poisoned wasps are toxic enough to kill an animal that eats them.


3)  If you are confident you have a honey bee swarm, or hive in a house wall or tree,

call some of the folks on the list below.  It is arranged geographically.

South Central NY and Northern PA.

Beekeepers do this at their convenience. If  you don't  get a return call, they are too busy, call another!

NOTE: Listing of beekeepers willing to pick up swarms of honey bees in those locations listed above their names.

NOTE: Contact Earl Villecco, 607-693-1571 for other locations.      All area code 607 unless noted otherwise.

** indicates will remove bees from BUILDINGS (may charge a fee)

Scroll through the list below!

STBA Swarm list October 31 2023.xlsx