Fun Photos

Lynn Barton road trip to see his queen breeding operation

visit to Lynn Barton queen breeder

Bob T represents STBA at the CCE Gardening Days in Binghamton March 2015

Bob T at CCE winter 2015

May 2014 Club Nuc Order Pickup -  Jude S. checks people in and keeps order!  Lucinda V. helps out.

nuc pickup day

Earl loads nucs for their trip to a new home

loading nucs
new beekeeper hands-on yard work

Dr. Wahl teaches a Bee Wellness Dead-Out "why did they die?" clinic

Dr. Wahl teaches dead-out clinic

Guy V's tee-shirt logo contest winning shirt

Guy V, Sue C winning tee shirt logo

Jim P's 2013 awards at the Harford Fair - congratulations Jim!

jim's awards

Bottom section of a bee tree cavity preserved by Marina Z.   Very propolized "junk".

Earl heads up the sugar distribution while Bob G. mans the shovel.   That's buckets and buckets of sugar!

Earl poses next to 2000 # of cane sugar to be divided up among several club members.

STBA Annual Dinner Oct 2012 - Beekeepers can COOK!

October 2012 STBA dinner

STBA Members staff the ESHPA honey booth at the NYS Fair August 2012

STBA Summer Picnic August 2012

Smoker lighting and endurance contest at the picnic

Bob T.'s EAS 2012 Ribbons (mead categories)

Jeff M. does another removal

Nuc Installation Class April 2012 hands-on learning:

youTube slide show of trip to Trembalys:

Some pictures from our trip to Trembalys:

Pollinators come in many forms and sizes. Check out this link for some beautiful pictures:

STBA members's son Bailey, demonstrates his Hot Knife skills. 

STBA October Dinner, James Wood demonstrates his bee vacuum.

STBA Summer Picnic at Jeff's. Paul, Larry and Bob and bees visit.

Paul V's rescue of bees from a NYSDOT building in Coventry. "Lots of bees!"

Waterman "Earth Fest" after we moved indoors! Brrr!, April 18, 2010

Wild Honey Bee nest found in multiflower rosebush (Kirkwood, NY)

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 28 learns about bees

Sue G's snowbound bees 2/26/10

Eatable bee at the October potluck.

Bob T. and Bob G. checking out Bob T.'s bees in their well disguised hives.